Rider Courses

  • To receive a Texas Boating Safety Course Certificate for Personal Watercraft use, visit their website at: Boat-Ed.com
  • PWC Safety School.com! America's online source for PWC safety education. Have fun safely and responsibly. You should take this course if you want to: A. Learn about safe boating and personal Watercraft. B. Become more knowledgeable about state rules and regulations. C. Earn a PWC Safety Wallet Card. Just go to PWC Safety School to get started.
  • Want to take and approved ATV Safety Training Course in your area? It's called the ATV RiderCourse and is offered thru the ATV Safety Institute. Visit their webiste for additional details and to find an ATV RiderCourse near you at: ATV Safety Institute
  • Learn how to ride your Dirt Bike safely at the new Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) DirtBike School.  For an approved training class near you go the MSF DirtBike School.